Shopping Downtown Peekskill

River House shopaholics with an eye for anything unique or unusual, antique or vintage, or tried and true, will find Peekskill’s downtown core contains a growing number of interesting shops, as well as time honored establishments. Here’s a sampler of possibilities:

  1. Arozo: Situated in one of the narrowest 19th Century buildings in the area, Arozo is designer Kevin Brown’s unique furniture showroom and is open mostly by appointment (736-3323).
  2. Arthur Weeks & Son Jewelers: Since 1896, Arthur Weeks is a downtown icon and the place to go for gold and silver jewelry, watches, estate jewelry, diamonds and gems, and more (737-0505).
  3. Bruised Apple and Music: An independent book seller that offers aisles of vintage and antique books of every type and description, as well as gently used DVDs, CDs and vintage record albums, among other memorabilia (734-7000)
  4. The Coop: Antique shop full of interesting finds and unusual gifts (737-2194)
  5. Field Library Bookstore: Amazing collection of gently-used books, hardcover and paperback, in a carefully arranged format, and nothing costs more than $2 (736-7030)
  6. Past & Present: Intimate antique shop that’s stuffed with a wide range of treasures and bargains (382-4313)
  7. ReSouled: The former site of Sue DeGregorie’s popular Retrovato antiques and consignment shop, ReSouled is equally spirited and outfitted with similar offerings (737-2377).