Grounds & Parking

Visitors who are new to the River House are often taken aback by the unexpected beauty to be experienced here—especially when the cherry trees blossom in a wild profusion of pink in the spring. That’s because the goal at the River House is to steadily develop perennial landscaped areas and gardens that bloom and renew annually; while other well-appointed plants, bushes and trees help create a sanctuary of rest and relaxation for its residents all year long. Consequently, the Board works with a professional landscape architect to achieve this end. In addition, the property is cared for by a local lawn maintenance company, as well as staff members on an as needed basis.

Quite simply, the River House is a blissful, snowy wonderland during the winter months and as good as a summer resort during the warmer months. Attractive sidewalk paving and Belgium block curbing, as well as handcrafted pillars and fieldstone walls, add an extra dimension to the overall appeal of the grounds.

Onsite are three expansive parking lots including the main lot, free of charge and for residents only; a lower lot for additional leased parking; and a third area below that, free of charge and for visitors only (a convenient staircase leads from the lower lots to the main lot and upper areas).  All parking lots are monitored by the staff on a daily basis, plus they are well lighted and have “camera surveillance” as a security measure. A security guard at the Gate House is also on duty during late p.m. and early a.m. hours—which is not only a nice touch, but instills a feeling of overall safety as well.

Overseeing and maintaining daily operations are key personnel like Angel Torres (super) and Danny Montalvo (assistant super), both of whom have lived here for many years and are considered “like family” to many of the residents.