Contact Us

From time to time, River House residents may have the need to contact a superintendent, manager or even the Board of Directors over a particular matter or area of concern. To do so:

  1. Superintendents: In an emergency, always contact the superintendent who is on duty, either Angel Torres or Danny Montalvo. For repairs, fill out a designated form that can be found outside the superintendent’s office in the main building. 
  2. Management: River House is Managed by Hudson Valley Community Management, Inc. at 444-D Old Post Road, Bedford,  NY  10506 P. 914-234-0300. Our Property Manager is Rich D’Amico Phone: 914-234-0300, email:
  3. Board of Directors: If any matter is left unresolved, contact the Board of Directors in a “Letter to the Board” and drop the letter down the mail chute in the management office, located in the basement of the 150 building. You can also email your inquiry directly to Your letter will be placed on the Board’s next monthly meeting agenda and acted upon accordingly.

2021 Board of Directors

Bryan Dennie, President
Betsy Young, Vice President
Andrew Marussich, Secretary
John Fucheck, Treasurer
Nick Corbi, Director
Joe Raffaele, Director
Diane Riggi, Director