Westchester County

The City of Peekskill is situated in the northernmost end of Westchester County, New York. The county is one of the most affluent in the nation and is bordered by the Hudson River to the west, the state of Connecticut to the east, Putnam County to the north and New York City to the south. It is currently governed by a county executive who currently is Rob Astorino (Rep.).

The entire county encompasses an area of 450 square miles, as well as 45 towns, cities and villages; and is home to more than one million residents. Accordingly, it is also culturally well represented with its own Choral Society (www.wetchesterchoralsociety.org),  Chamber Orchestra (www.westchesterorchestra.org), Jazz Orchestra (www.westjazzorch.org), Westchester Arts Council (www.westarts.coom), and Philharmonic Orchestra (www.westchesterphil.org), among other organizations.

White Plains is the county’s largest city and seat of government, and also the county’s leading commercial and transportation hub with a concentration of businesses, corporations, restaurants and shopping areas, including The Galleria and The Mall at Westchester.

Centrally located, the city not only has a County Center (www.countycenter.biz) for concerts, conventions, annual fairs and exhibitions, but a Performing Arts Center at City Place (www.wppac.com).

Although New York City’s two international airports and Newark’s international airport are readily accessible, many River House residents are taking advantage of Westchester’s own international airport (with connections). An interesting footnote about the airport is that during World War II, the “infant” airport was appropriated by the U.S. Army as a military base and returned back to the county in 1944. It has grown a lot since then and today the Westchester County Airport serves almost two million passengers per year and is serviced by seven commercial airlines. And, its business aviation center is among the most active in the U.S. (For more information, visit www.thewestchesterway.com and www.westchestergov.com.)